Plat-Map Service
for Google Earth®
EarthPlat is a new subscription-based, plat-map service for Florida that displays parcel boundaries and other information using Google Earth®.
Search Over 48 Variables
Using our extensive search capabilities you can locate properties meeting your specific criteria. (ex. all 4 bedroom houses built in 1978 that have sold in the last 6 months)
Obtain Information for all 67 Counties in Florida
Over 14 million parcels containing individual property data.
Plat-Map GPS Navigation
Realtime GPS tracking and parcel displaying. Drive around and have live parcel data displayed to your mobile PC or windows-based device. (Mobile Internet connection required)
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* EarthPlat is free to use for a limited time. After the free trial expires, continue using EarthPlat for $9.95/month (or the current subscription fee).